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Affiliate Tube Success Academy Review 2022 the 24 Hour Google Ranking System

My Affiliate Tube Success Academy Review 2021

In my Affiliate Tube Success Academy review 2021, I will take you through the product to review its good points and any bad points. I will explain also what exactly is the Affiliate Tube Success Academy program and how it works. So that you can decide if it is a good fit for you and where you currently are online to fit your marketing needs.

What is Paul Murphy's Affiliate Tube Success Academy?

Affiliate Tube Success Academy review or ATS Academy is an online marketing method that you can use to market any product online and to make money. One of the best features is that it uses free traffic to generate sales online.

You will learn how to generate unlimited free targeted traffic from Google and YouTube. The two current biggest sources of search traffic online.

Affiliate Tube Success Academy review 2021

Google is the biggest search engine that is used every day by millions of people. It is estimated that every second, there are more than 50,000 searches made using Google. This equates to hundreds of billions of searches a year.

YouTube is currently the second biggest search engine with more than 30 million people using YouTube every day. Each month, approximately 3,25 billion hours of video content is being watched on YouTube. On average, there are more than 1 billion YouTube videos watched on mobile devices every single day.

You can see why leveraging both Google and YouTube effectively can be such a winning strategy. You can use this in your business even in competitive markets to become successful in your marketing which the program also proves.

The method that you learn in the Affiliate Tube Success Academy system training will show you how to build up your online properties on both Google and YouTube. This is achieved in a set sequence that is easy to follow. The method allows you to build and grow your YouTube channel and property authority. Which in turn will continue to increase your traffic and earnings from your online properties.

The method is also very fast as the 24 Hour Google Ranking System name which is part of the product training suggests.

Paid vs Free Traffic

Although paid traffic is not used or necessary within the Affiliate Tube Success Academy course. It is referenced within the training as many online marketers will prefer to choose paid traffic. The ATS method does not require it. But the Affiliate Tube Success Academy method is compared to paid traffic so you can understand which option you should choose.

Many digital marketers choose paid advertising as they can bring an advert online very quickly to promote a product. However, although it has a speed advantage as adverts can be effective in a few hours, the costs can be considered for paid traffic. And the Return on Investment or ROI for advertising is more difficult to become profitable with. Due to the increasing cost of paid traffic for advertising. Paid advertising also poses a risk of having advertising accounts banned which does not happen with free advertising.

Who Created Affiliate Tube Success Academy?

Affiliate Tube Success review Paul MurphyAffiliate Tube Success Academy (ATS) is a product from Paul Murphy, a respected UK digital internet marketing expert. Paul has been a successful online marketer for many years and previously ran his own marketing agency before developing and releasing his successful program.

Affiliate Tube Success Academy Advantages:

The advantages of Affiliate Tube Success review are that you can use the method to market nearly any product online not just affiliate marketing. As long as Google accepts these products. And the method is easy to follow to achieve results and to be successful.

This is a repeatable method that has been proven to work in many markets for affiliate products, eCommerce, or traditional business products. Having a repeatable method is a massive advantage to achieve success in this course. This is also a Google-friendly method so you do not have to rely on any shady methods that risk having your accounts banned by Google in a few month's time.

Within the platform, you will learn secrets for making high-converting funnels using videos and free software tools. You will learn within the Affiliate Tube Success Academy how to succeed with online marketing, achieve success with finding profitable keywords to earn income with affiliate marketing or marketing digital and physical products for any business.

Affiliate Tube Success Benefits

  1. Works for any niche.
  2. Works with free online traffic
  3. Fast-acting method
  4. See results in days
  5. Step by step process
  6. Easy to follow
  7. Detailed instruction and tutorials
  8. Over 40 hours of video content


The Affiliate Tube Success Academy review is only currently available as online content delivered by videos. These are generally short 10 to 20 minutes maximum each. So not too difficult to follow. But some people will prefer the addition of PDF e-book format to be available to follow along when creating. This is not at this time available but the Affiliate Tube Success review course content is less than 12 months old.

We feel this is a minor issue so not a critical omission but may affect some people. There are some key documents available like checklists which you can download and access to follow along. In order to complete the winning formula and start generating revenue.

Affiliate Tube Success Reviews

The Verdict

Although I am also experienced in YouTube ranking, the methods that Paul Murphy’s Affiliate Tube Success Academy course teaches, were an additional twist for me and super effective. This is why I highly recommend this coaching course if you are looking for a method to be able to easily rank your videos on Google and YouTube in order to be successful online no matter your product or niche!

I have bought many courses on Google and YouTube ranking before. Some were good but very few online marketing courses are as practical and detailed as the methods that Paul provides in the Affiliate Tube Success Academy review 2021 here. Added to this Paul's easy manner and effective but simple techniques make understanding very easy and make this very usable for everyone at any online skill level. Paul often mentions he teaches as if he was teaching children which is not a bad thing, he is very patient and he really cares very much for all his student's success. Which is another thing that makes Paul's products and training methods stand out.

You also don't need to be technical to use this as Paul shows you how you can manage this all yourself or to outsource the material if you are not technical, or to save you time.

Affiliate Tube Success Academy Satisfaction Guarantee

The added benefit is that you can also get started with this for free. You can choose to start with the 10 part 24 Hour Google Ranking System course which Paul is offering as an introduction. This will give you a good insight into the quality of the content.

If this is a good fit you can then choose to upgrade to the Affiliate Tube Success Academy or to just stay with the free content which does not expire.

Either way, you will learn some great marketing tips on the way and also learn how to be more successful online along the way.

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